We are entering the 

AI generation of

Intelligent Solutions

Automated Decisions


Machine Learning

Natural Language

Call Centre Enhancement

Insightful Analytics

Process Automation

Customer Focused Products

We believe businesses can fundamentally better serve their customers and shareholders with experiences powered by the latest AI technologies.


Aigen creates business value and innovation which drives deeper customer relationships through tech agnostic thought leadership & world class delivery of AI technologies.


Expertise and Thought Leadership

Aigen has a large team of experts that can deliver end to end solutions, with consulting and development capabilities in a number of AI technologies and specialist knowledge of some of the leading tools we are best placed to support AI initiatives.


Technology Agnostic

We have a number of partners that allows us to bring together technologies that have never been combined before, so rather than a single tool to solve part of the problem we are the specialists and integrators that tackle challenges holistically.

Clear Outcomes from Packaged Services

We have designed a range of services that take us from an unclear or exploratory starting point to understanding around AI technologies and the business suitability for our clients.

These include support with understanding the AI landscape, exploring existing data and a thorough review of the options and readiness of your business for using AI to solve your problems.


Client and Customer Lead

We use a service design based approach and we really mean it when we say the customer is at the centre of our solutions and we build that into new technologies.

Whilst understanding that intellectual property is not only the right of our clients, but often the unexpected value add that we bring. With our bespoke approach, we are able to creating and deliver collective, tangible solutions. 

The latest AI technologies developed with an experience based approach to address business challenges

Use Case: Call Centre Systems

We specialise in call centre systems due to our service design background in this area. We have created a number of systems that enable either assisted support or automation of services.

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Use Case: Knowledge Management

Our insurance client had outgrown its own knowledge system which was designed years prior. The system had so much information that it was no longer easy to use and caused customer question sessions to be extended or required handing off.

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Use Case: Chat Interfaces

Our client wanted to find a way of using chat to improve the ongoing process of collecting information from customers in order to support the product cross-sell opportunities.

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